Why We Invested: Mojocare

August 30, 2022

By Karan Mohla and Deepanshu Pattanayak

Healthcare in India has been lagging in development and leveraging technology remains the only way to circumvent the lack of physical care infrastructure and shortage of healthcare professionals.

Digital healthcare is an area of deep focus for us at B Capital as it forms the crucial link in meeting the demand of a growing and affluent population.

Modern life, hustle culture, high stress, sedentary lifestyle and habits have led to the insidious onset of health and wellness problems across sexual wellness, women’s wellness and fertility, mental wellness, hair and skin care. These are also ongoing conditions which culturally are not dealt with openly or are considered taboo.

The estimated market size for four specialized primary care wellness products and services is very large in India – 400M Indians between the ages of 18-70 currently suffer from various health and wellness conditions that Mojocare is focusing on. Despite the need, the access to care and standard of service is fragmented and often fraudulent. Furthermore, there are very few qualified professionals in the market qualified to provide care for the conditions that Mojocare is addressing.

Mojocare is India’s fastest growing full-stack health and wellness clinic focused on dermatological conditions, mental health, fertility, and women’s and sexual wellness. They are building a neo-healthcare delivery system across emerging markets for conditions where the care value chain is fundamentally broken by leveraging technology and data across a full-stack offering.

Mojocare uses technology and data to create a true personalized experience for customers looking to treat socially sensitive healthcare matters. Their holistic approach encompasses diet and therapy as a key component of long-term treatment using a three pronged approach: 

  • Care program: subscription service that offers doctor consultations, medications/products, and health coaching to monitor customer progress.
  • Self-serve purchases model: for customers who are in the early phase of their condition as is comfortable selecting and purchasing Mojocare products
  • Smart Care: AI powered digital wellness care that can provide automated diagnosis, continuous monitoring, chatbots, and program recommendations.

They are taking a distribution-first approach to unlock the latent market demand and drive top of the funnel through credible clinical content, access to experts and a digital engagement led user journey.

By building out a vertical, full-stack care platform, Mojocare has the ability to own the patient journey and build a trusted brand by driving positive outcomes.

The founders’ vision is to utilize capital to expand their product, content, and care delivery teams, strengthen and diversify the product portfolio, and scale across omnichannel GTMs with a distribution-first approach. The approach is to move away from a transactional relationship with and towards a healthcare outcome by going deeper into user problems focusing on the treatment lifecycle thereby becoming a trusted partner. We are excited to partner with them on this journey and help build Mojocare into India’s leading digital specialty healthcare and wellness platform.

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