Sustaining the B2B commerce momentum in Asia: A three-part series

November 11, 2022

B Capital has launched a three-part series of business-to-business (B2B) animation videos across our platforms. This campaign focuses on shedding greater insights into the market opportunities of B2B commerce in Asia and how technological innovation can help the industry sustain its growth trajectory and realize its full potential.

Early efforts to transform B2B commerce in Asia revolved around getting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to migrate from traditional manual-heavy operations to automated, digital processes. But as the sector enters its growth phase, it is time to think about the long-term role that technology can play in its evolution, as well as how technology can be designed to help the industry sustain its growth trajectory and realize its full potential. This is especially important given our internal research[1] has found that B2B constitutes up to 80 percent of Asia’s retail spend, or USD $13 trillion – and is expected to grow at around six percent annually for the next 10 years.

The videos highlight the importance of strengthening relationships, ensuring product-market fit, and futureproofing to grant B2B players greater visibility across the value chain. It is important to consider the indelible role technology can and should play in the next phase of growth. The videos aim to raise awareness of the rising prominence of the B2B commerce industry and build connections between B Capital’s portfolio companies and industry stakeholders. Ultimately, B Capital wants to achieve the end goal of generating solutions that can benefit the wider ecosystem and ignite conversations with global and local brands that are looking to improve their commerce distribution channels and expand within Southeast Asia and India.

As Karl Noronha, Vice President of Strategy & Operations at B Capital, shares in his recent article for TechNode, “Technology powered the recent rapid rise of the B2B commerce space in Asia, and technology is what will continue to sustain that momentum in the coming years and decades – if correctly developed.”

Watch the videos to learn more about the rising prominence of the B2B commerce industry:

[1] Grand View Research: B2B ECommerce Market Estimates & Trend Analysis to 2028 and other studies from McKinsey, Statista and Euromonitor

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