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Transforming Transportation — Why We’re Partnering with Bird
My first experience with Bird came on a lunch-date with my wife who is a professor at UCLA. Despite being in the very early beginnings of the company, students all over campus appeared at ease hopping on this new means of transportation.
Connecting the Technology Leaders of Tomorrow with the Business Leaders of Today
In the summer of 2016, we started B Capital with a simple idea: tech entrepreneurs grow faster with powerful partnerships....
Mswipe - B Capital’s first investment in India is transforming SME payments
B Capital is excited to announce its recent investment in Mswipe, India’s leading independent merchant acquirer and POS network. Here is why we are excited about our investment in Mswipe...
Inturn Executive Sheds Light on Inventory Strategies
Tackling excess inventory is top of mind for brands and retailers as the off-price market has reached over $700 billion. And with shoppers’ increased interest in the “excitement of the treasure hunt,” a solution for inventory management is critical to aligning with consumer demands and expectations.
Bright.md raises $8M for AI-powered remote healthcare service with ‘virtual physician assistant’
Bright.md is raising more cash for its tech-fueled virtual healthcare service that aims to improve care for patients and reduce healthcare costs for clinicians. The Portland-based startup today announced a $8 million Series B round led by B Capital Group...
Why Excess Inventory Is An Opportunity Disguised As A Problem
In retail, excess inventory is not exactly anyone’s idea of good news since, according to Ronen Lazar, co-Founder and CEO of INTURN, done badly “it can cripple a brand’s equity and eat up its margins.”