Capital Advisory

Build the ideal capital structure to grow

Access to capital is a critical issue for rapidly-scaling startups. Partnering with B Capital Group allows you to gain access to an expert team of capital markets specialists to help you build the ideal capital structure.

/ What we do
Access to strategic financing

A smart funding strategy requires an in-depth understanding of the myriad subjects related to capital markets. Our capital formation team will guide you through the often complex funding world, advising you on fundamental issues such as debt issuance, benchmarking, global expansion, tax jurisdictions and more.

Global capital markets expertise

At B Capital Group, we take a global view in everything we do, including capital formation. Our capital markets team maintains an expansive view of the global markets at all times. With B Capital, you’ll always stay informed on the latest trends and opportunities in startup funding, enabling you to confidently make your next funding decision.

Valuable education on capital market formation trends and opportunities

Capital formation is an ever-evolving field. Not only do your funding needs evolve as you grow, but the capital markets landscape itself is constantly changing at a rapid pace. Our capital markets team offers a robust and always expanding set of educational opportunities on a wide array of topics related to capital formation so you can stay ahead of the curve.