3 Key Insights from B Capital | Antler Webinar Series: B2B SaaS Enterprises — From Inception to Growth (Asia Edition)

August 28, 2020
B2B SaaS Enterprises: From Inception To Growth

Watch webinar replay here: https://bcapital.box.com/s/i0utrkcnu39vqls8g5y73j3a1mlc6vmt

The spread of COVID-19 has presented challenges for businesses of all types, it has created an environment for entrepreneurs to launch new concepts dedicated to solving the emerging challenges of our time. One of the greatest opportunities for innovation lies in developing, building, and scaling SaaS companies that help other businesses operate in a changing world. But what does it take to start a new company, and how can they be built to last?

In this webinar, B2B SaaS startup founders from Antler and B Capital Group’s portfolio companies shared advice on what challenges entrepreneurs should expect when growing and scaling a new company and how to spot opportunities. They spoke alongside investors and discussed key inflection points and the types of technologies and business models that are the most exciting. Watch the replay now: https://bcapital.box.com/s/i0utrkcnu39vqls8g5y73j3a1mlc6vmt

3 Key Insights

  1. As shared candidly by the founders on the panel, the journey from early to growth stage in a new venture, especially for SaaS companies, is expected to be exciting, bumpy and its growth trajectory is definitely not in a “straight line”.