Our Vision
B Capital provides a launch pad for groundbreaking entrepreneurs. Our platform bridges entrepreneurs in need of resources to scale their businesses with corporations seeking to innovate and partner with emerging technologies.
We think, operate & invest globally
We think, operate & invest globally
Technology and innovation have gone global - And we believe there is always a better way forward. Our foundations lie in searching out the most pioneering entrepreneurs and technologies from all corners of the world that have the power to positively transform industries and people’s lives.
We are more than just investors
We are more than just investors
Through our first-hand experiences as entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and venture capitalists, we’ve developed unique perspectives and skill sets to help founders find the best path to expand their businesses.
We bridge the gap
We bridge the gap
Through our global mindset, our collaborative partnerships, our company-building processes, and our differentiated perspectives, we bridge the gap between startups and corporates, creating win-win scenarios by pairing pioneering technology leaders with global corporates.
We are better together
We are better together
We actively break down walls to create collaborative opportunities between our team, our portfolio companies, and our partners to accelerate learning and the path to growth and success.
Our Values: We Are

We speak the truth to others and ourselves, but always with positive intent. We hold ourselves accountable, we are intellectually honest, and we are not afraid to say what we know and what we don’t.

We are constantly evolving, and always looking for ways to better ourselves and our communications, to increase transparency, and improve as a team.

Our people and the culture are the heart of our business. We are self-aware, supportive, and trust ourselves and each other.

As we advance, we stay humble and never declare victory, knowing that every finish line is the beginning of a new race. When we operate with low ego, we are open to new perspectives, allowing us to learn and improve.

We are one team. We know that no one person has all the answers, and we work to lift each other up, knowing that we are better together. We bring the best of our firm to every interaction, leveraging our partners. Our successes and failures are equally shared.

We are bold and willing to take risks and understand that means that we will at times fail. We learn from our failures, we don’t repeat them and are constantly striving to be better.

To build enduring success, the long-term must prevail over the short-term. Sometimes winning in the long-term looks like losing in the short-term. We persevere, with the enduring perspective that our race is a marathon, not a sprint.

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